Other Professional Work

Dilapidations \ Lease matters

Templars undertake inspections of leased properties, in respect of dilapidation matters, acting either for the landlord or for the tenant.

When acting for the tenant we can advise on how best to minimise any dilapidation issues.

If acting for the landlord, we can make assessments of the condition of premises in relation to the lease repairing obligations, and prepare where necessary appropriate dilapidation schedules.

We can provide advice to commercial clients before they sign up to a lease, to inform them of the likely liabilities under a proposed lease.

Party Walls

Templars are experienced party wall Surveyors and act in that capacity under party wall legislation.

Boundary Matters

Templars are experienced in dealing with boundary matters, helping to establish location of boundaries, resolving disputes between neighbours and providing general advice.

Construction Monitoring

We make regular inspections of building projects, to ensure they are built in accordance with the design drawings and to an appropriate standard. We are then able to provide independent certification of the works.


 Templars provide repair/defect advice and general consultancy for a number of religious organisations including Church of England, Methodist Church circuit, United Reformed Church, Sikh Temples and Mosques.

Energy Performance and advice

Increasingly we are asked to provide advice on the energy performance of a property, and how best to improve this.

Being experienced in both surveys and detail design of buildings we are able to provide practical advice to clients in this respect.