Surveys are usually visual inspections and are carried out on residential, commercial, industrial, recreational and leisure/sports properties.

Building Surveys

Formerly known as Structural Surveys, are bespoke surveys specifically prepared for individual properties and persons.

A Building Survey will report on the various elements of construction (chimneys, roofs, gutters, walls, joinery etc) externally, and roof spaces, floors, ceilings, staircases, fireplaces etc internally.barranite

These elements will be described and their condition reported on.  The implications of the condition and options for repair will be identified.

Services are visually inspected and reported on.  Individual testing of electrical or gas or similar apparatus will be recommended if required, to be carried out by qualified persons.

The external site elements (garages, outbuildings, retaining walls, trees, hard standings etc) will similarly be inspected and reported on.  The survey findings will then be summarised with budget costs for repair included.

Building Surveys are particularly suited for older properties, properties with  known defects and properties that have been substantially altered.

Home Buyers Surveys

A simpler form of Building Survey is provided principally for relatively modern properties, generally dating from post second world war, although occasionally of earlier construction.

Inspection on site is as thorough as for a Building Survey. The report is on a pre printed format with defects categorised as low, medium or high priority.  Explanatory background issues are not dealt with and no budget costings are prepared.  However this is a simpler and cheaper option than a full Building Survey.

Targeted Surveys

Occasionally a specific defect within a property requires examination (e.g. cracking, damp) but not a full Building Survey.  These are known as Targeted Inspections and are confined to particular identified areas.

Principal Element Surveys

On occasions clients do not require a full Building Survey of all the elements of a building, merely the principal elements of the building (walls, floors, roofs etc.) These surveys are particularly suitable when extensive alteration, refurbishment or renovation is proposed.

Commercial Surveys

Templars carry out full Commercial Building Surveys, Schedule of Dilapidations and other surveys and reports concerned with commercial, industrial, recreational and retail facilities.